Welcome to The Humanwire Network, otherwise known as The A Server

To learn more about Humanwire, at the main site, please visit https://www.humanwire.org/about

The Humanwire Network is is an alternative social network dedicated to all news and information related to refugees in the world, during all time. This is a place where information flows organically and according to you. Forever open and free, forever ad-free.

How does The Humanwire Network work?

Everything you create is an Update and appears in the open stream. If your account is connected to twitter or Facebook, just add #twitter or #facebook to your update and it will appear there, too. Updates are meant more for the here-and-now. You can @ other members, ask questions, follow people’s updates to aggregate your own feed.

You can also create Articles which appear in Updates, too. Articles can be classified as writings, links, images and videos.

Each of these media items can be further classified into Bookmarks, News and Gems, and with system categories and tags, and tags that you create.

Why do all of this?

Organization. Discovery.

Different types of information can be discovered more effectively based on their relationships to other information. When posting or viewing articles, updates, links, photos, etc. you can categorize your data and feeds into types, system generated categories and tags, and categories and tags which you create. For example: If you share a news-oriented story, consider selecting the “News” system category to help your friends and others discover it. If the story is also about a new technology, you might select the “Technology” category, too.

There are many ways to dive into discovery on the network.

1. Search

2. Public Bookmarks

3. Gem

4. Stream

A few examples of why you would pick one over the other:

If you are looking for resources on a topic, you might begin your discovery under Bookmarks to find links that others have determined are important enough to remember and come back to.

If you are looking for articles about Recent news items, you might want to dive into the “Articles” section, and select News, then begin rearranging your sorts by tags like “streaming” or “live broadcast”.

If you want to see what your friends are taking about right now, or what everyone on the system is talking about, you might start with the Stream.

You might want to begin with “Gem” if you would like to see what people consider the most interesting topics of the day, or on a particular tag.

How can I include style elements like bold in my Articles?

Many HTML tags are accepted, including a, img, b, i.

How do I post images and videos?

You can embed any images, using <img src=”http:/ /www.your-image-link-here.com/image.jpg”> , or through the Upload Image form. Uploading of videos is coming soon.

What is a Bookmark?

Content you find in your stream (or elsewhere online) can be shared and “stored” at public urls, making them easily accessible to yourself and others to discover, organize and relocate, with features inspired by the early-days of delicio.us.

What is Gem?

If you could only share one link a day, what would it be? Make it a gem, because you can only post one Gem per day.

How do I create a new Group?

You can create a new group at https://www.juliaset.org/groups/create/

How does two-way publishing work when I connect to Facebook or twitter in my settings?

When you post to your Humanwire account, you can also select to share simultaneously to other networks e.g. twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even your favorite niche networks. You can also connect to import your data as it arises elsewhere (e.g. if you create a status update on Facebook, that update may automatically be imported into your feed for all of your followers to discover here at Humanwire.

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